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You Know, Herbie Did It All for Love
posted on July 04, 2009 09:00:00 pm
Herbert Weitz, 75, and Erica Conyers, 32, lived together for five years as lovers. Then a ferocious quarrel over milk mushroomed into a courtroom drama.

Savoring the Cover as Well as the Book
posted on December 18, 2008 10:00:00 pm
“Protecting the Word: Bookbindings of the Morgan” presents 55 of about 1,000 books that the Morgan Library & Museum has set aside in its special bindings collection.

As an Age Recedes, a Craftsman Soldiers On
posted on December 29, 2007 10:00:00 pm
Since 1951, Walter Schnerb has been repairing and binding documents by hand in Washington Heights.

Technology Rewrites the Book
posted on July 19, 2006 09:00:00 pm
New services allow print runs of a few, or just one, for customers ranging from aspiring authors to anyone who needs a bound document.

Look Smart
posted on June 25, 2005 09:00:00 pm
A notebook that looks like the kind of thing that holds interesting, and possibly important, jottings.

ARTS IN AMERICA; Hard Covers, Hard Work: Building Careers by the Book
posted on August 12, 2002 09:00:00 pm
Julie Flaherty Arts in America column on popular bookbinding program at North Bennet Street School in Boston directed by Mark Andersson; notes number of universities, fine arts schools and academies offering workshops, classes and degrees in book arts is on rise; photo

ART IN REVIEW; 'The Art of Publishers'
posted on June 29, 2000 09:00:00 pm
Ken Johnson reviews Grolier Club exhibit of bookbindings from period 1815-1915; photos

posted on July 19, 1997 09:00:00 pm
Correction of July 13 article on bookbinding shop in Jefferson Township, NJ, regarding work done on some book spines

For Children
posted on August 08, 1996 09:00:00 pm
Recommended activities for children including an exhibit on bookbinding at the Morris-Jumel Mansion and an exhibit about a Turkish immigrant family at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum

CRAFTS; A Time for Judging a Book by Its Cover
posted on July 02, 1994 09:00:00 pm
AN exhibition at Rutgers University proves that some bibliophiles do judge a book by its cover, and wisely so. The 55 books in the show were chosen for their handsome or exceptional bindings. The eight collectors who lent the volumes to the Archibald Stevens Alexander Library are probably far less interested in the printed words inside, since a good number were written in Latin, and one is in Czech.

CRAFTS; Six Centuries of the Bookbinder's Art
posted on October 17, 1992 09:00:00 pm
THE elegant craftsmanship of historical bookbinding shames today's best-selling books with their gaudy paper wrappers hiding bland, often flimsy binding. Leather-bound books with decorative hand tooling, like the 33 volumes on display at the Englewood Public Library, turn private libraries into repositories of visual and tactile pleasures, not just storage spaces for the printed word. Although medieval and Renaissance books have been exposed to centuries of dampness, temperature changes and inf...

posted on March 18, 1987 10:00:00 pm
LEAD: HERBERT WEITZ, bookbinder, was rubbing the spine of a clothbound book. Suddenly the lackluster binding began to glow. ''Do you know this trick?'' he asked, referring to the Vaseline on his fingers.

posted on June 12, 1986 09:00:00 pm
EVER since quartz wristwatches began upstaging windups in jewelry shops and department stores over the last decade, prices have escalated on period mechanical versions sold in antiques shops and at auction. Wristwatches have been offered regularly at auctions since 1980. Over the last year, prices for extraordinary examples have doubled, spurring, in turn, unusual activity at auctions in Geneva and New York. Last month, watch buyers attending Christie's sale in Geneva paid record prices for sev...

posted on October 06, 1984 09:00:00 pm
ARNO WERNER pulled a book from its shelf. It slid silently and slowly from its nearly airtight cardboard cover, and its rich black leather came to rest in his hand. On the book's face was a blue leather inlay with pure gold lettering. Its flyleaf was silk, and in front and back there were those several empty pages absent from today's mass- produced books.

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